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fffff wow awesome <3


:bulletred:= not started
:bulletorange:= working on it...
:bulletgreen:= done! though maybe not always uploaded

:bulletorange: nancys portrait
:bulletred: hannah portrait
:bulletred: shreyas portrait
:bulletorange: design trade zolshii
:bulletorange: animal crossing fanart
:bulletorange: scans from holiday, cleaning up
:bulletorange: echoblossom birthday gift
:bulletred: phone circle of friendship
:bulletred: puffy faced loser
:bulletred: blue just blue
:bulletred: balloon head
:bulletred: error
:bulletred: bunnies defend carrots
:bulletred: liquid jewels
:bulletorange: redo S+H=L chapters 1-5, consider if im actually committed with this
:bulletorange: chapter 1


SORRY I FELL OF THE HORSE by Jade-kingpimp

um yeah so drew this little doodle doo to announce my triumphant return to Art, my life, my love, and all you lovely people who care still hopefully <3
srsly kinda cried whilst drawing this, partly from laughter, partly because i keep feeling so damned disappointed that i havent done hardly anything this year art wise (well hey theres still a few months left! i can fix this!)

its getting late atm, but tomorrow ill have some photos (not scans sorry ;;; ) of a few things from my painting portfolio this year and some little doodles probably from months ago ;;;
but yeah im getting there again! i just fell of the horse...really badly ;;;

kisses you all, i hope youre having a fabulous day, whether youre on the horse or not >U<

I'm still alive I swear!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 17, 2014, 12:59 AM
Well hello everyone!
First of all i really want to apologise for my absence from dA (and art)!!
I want to thank you all for the lovely birthday messages! (even tho i only just replied oh dear)
theres not really any reason for my inactivity other than my usual i have been very busy with school, and the passed weeks have been a bit extra busy as house music was on! haha my school house came 3rd equal for the main category, but its all goods, i had a lot of fun, and apparently can sort of act??? but yeah it was lots of fun, just quite a bit to organise ;;;;

I have been seeing a therapist, however as the office that runs these sessions isnt very organised and ive been busy i havent had an appointment recently ;;; so i guess im just gonna toss into my excuse is that im still struggling with mental health things and havent had any motivation to make anything other than some stuff for school, which really really sucks.

im just sort of hoping atm that ill get a few things knocked out of the way, and then ill be able to get back into a groove of art, which hasnt been present for a good few months now, maybe even this entire year ;o;
i just feel quite drained and even tho i want to draw casual things i know i have presents for people, and art portfolio and school work and prep for uni next year and driving and ugh 

but getting back to the positives!
My 18th birthday went pretty amazingly! most of my friends were able to turn up (apart from a few busy and sick people ;o; )
my friends all chipped in to buy me a really fancy and bling ring like omg i look rich guys!! <333
haha the plan is that for everyones 18th they'll get an item of jewelry from everyone which is really sweet <333
umm i also got a brand new laptop and makeup from mum!! as well as a funny pencil case, a jumper, blue sunglasses, chocolate, a lamp, more chocolate, candles and more chocolate from my dad, family and friends <333
my actual birthday was pretty fun, had pizza at school, and just chilled with everyone~ my karate dojo found out about my birthday and bought me a cake too ;U; <33 and i had a big dinner and sleepover at my house the following weekend! (no alcohol tho since my mums not big on drinking cries i just want a sweet cocktail)
just last night it was mums birthday celebrations so my house has been pretty busy the passed couple of weeks! >3>

also managed to obtain a part time job! ill be working at a cafe for a friend of my mums (connections are so important i kid you not) weekends only at this point as its quite far away, and my to be boss is able to drive me there and back and i can stay at her place and look after her kids ;U; (theyre so super cute!!) but yeah idk im just excited to finally get some experience and be able to earn money whilst doing it!!

also as the bookstore in my area is clearing out all the unpopular sections (whitcoulls for my fellow kiwis get down there!), they had a super sale on manga, so ive now got 10 volumes of really random manga like not even number 1, just like volume 8 of psyren and otomen or something ;;; (all the popular good stuff went so fast cries im gonna check out a similar store tomorrow ohohoho) but yeah i can feel the otaku nerd coming alive inside me again, i finally watched Evangelion 3.0 the other day and ive remade all of my manga and anime lists ahhhhh i just really wanna get back into it again :'D (i only watched FREE! last year and didnt even read any manga other than one shot yuri whoops)

but yeah so im really really hoping ill be back on here and back on the horse of art and ready to ride it sometime soon, i just really need to get my life together (haha well thats what ive been saying for a couple of years now but hey getting there) get some school work done, get some painting done, then draw some sexy butts and fling them at you guys ahhh *gets pumped as fuck for art of the future*

smooches all of you beautiful people

Jade out <3

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Awesome Contest with Awesome prizes! 

1 deviant said right here~!…
No deviants said hosted by the lovely Larinelle <3
No deviants said go check it out >3<


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